Games to Play with Toddlers – Simple Entertainment for the Child

Every toddlers love to play games, and particularly they always wishes to have one-on-one quality time with their parents. Easy games offer great stimulations for young child and assist in a young child growth by developmentally appropriate activities. This article gives some easy toddler games that keep the toddlers engaged and also this gives developmental growth for young toddlers.

The first simple game is where the baby is and this is very familiar for everyone, especially suitable for young toddlers. When the child is watching, hide a small toy or baby doll under blankets or under some clothes or under the pillow or behind any objects. Make the toddlers to find out where the baby gone and just watch the fun when the baby searches the baby doll with great joy. This game makes the young child very happy with the great feel of success as they find the doll every time.

Young toddlers also love to make some unusual noises, especially when they play with some instruments which are not a musical instrument. Gather some old oatmeal food boxes or any other food containers and keep it around the toddlers in the circle form, also parents can make use of old pots and pans and place it inverted around the toddlers. Make the young toddlers to make use of their hands or any wooden spoons to make some noise by banging on the containers or pans. This game is the great activity for the toddlers and this makes them very busy while making dinner.

Easy bowling games can be prepared with empty bottles, and this can be made by adding 3 or 4 empty bottles and give a large ball to the toddler. Show the toddler on how to use this ball to hit the empty bottles and how to roll the ball towards the bottles, and this is a very delightful game for toddlers to watch the bottles tip over. Make a home-made cave, and hide out in a do-it-yourself cave, especially with their parents, can be a lot of excitement for them. The home-made cave can be prepared by covering a blanket on the kitchen table or pull the two small couches together and place a blanket or sheet, and thus cave is done. Every toddler always love to express themselves, just turn on any fast music or track, and get down on the knees to dance with the child, as expensive toys does not bring such an enjoyment in the toddlers face.