Basic Rules Regarding Toddler TV

Toddlers enjoy watching TV and they can easily get addicted to it if their viewing time is not monitored every day. According to experts, toddlers over two should only watch about an hour or two of TV on any given day. For those below the age of two, no TV should be allowed for them. When a child is below two, their brain is not mature enough to understand TV movements because they are too fast and their brain shifts to autopilot.

However, not many parents adhere to this because they want to make the baby happy and so use the TV as a babysitter while they carry on their duties. Because of this, toddlers end up watching TV on average four to five hours every single day. The habit of toddlers watching TV should be trimmed when they are still very young and not when they are already too used to the habit.

When watching TV, it is important for parents to use that time to educate their children and not just settle for whatever they find on TV. Whatever they watch should be educational and toddlers should learn from it. When a toddler is done watching a program, the TV should be turned off and this should be done every time and the toddler led to other activities. This process can be made easier when a parent warns the toddler a few minutes before the program ends that they are going to switch off the TV because the program is over. It is also important to have a defined schedule of what time the TV is switched on and when it will be off. To make this easier, parents can record what they want their children to watch so that they can watch it at the right time.

Toddlers should watch calm and slow-paced programs because they can actually understand what they are watching and therefore learn from them. In addition, they should not watch any violence because they will learn from them and therefore behave in the same way towards others. Adult themed movies and scary ones are also not good material for children.

The right programs for toddlers to watch should be interactive and should inspire a toddler to count or repeat certain words and can also require them to walk around and dance. It is also important to watch TV with the toddler so that they understand that the parent cares about what they are watching and that they want to be a part of it.