The launch of Lego star wars: The clone wars .

Reading comic strips, watching movie and DVD’s are sometimes not enough to digest star wars movies . Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars was developed through the cooperation of Lego with Lucas Arts and TT Games .

Children or a kid-at-heart like you will enjoy collecting these items and build your own battle forces . For star wars fanatics, Lego had the website devote to a particular field for them Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars re-runs the stories via animated video script in their fun zone .

Lucas Arts together with the LEGO company continues to set the bar for next generation family entertainment with Lego Star Wars: The clone Wars .

Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars has Lightsaber Duels and The Force Unleashed covered by this category . Lightsaber Duels makes two challengers confronts death in a simple fighting game. The murder scenes were formatted into child oriented and it was modified from the Clone Wars cartoon series .

The character you destroyed at the previous stage, pulls together again and hit back at you on the next level of Lightsaber Duels of Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

The Force Unleashed in Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars has an elaborate story and mixed battles against a pack of enemies with boss battle fights .

For parents and children who are a bit sensitive with brutal concepts over Star Wars, these game packs are suggested for them.

Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars has also Toy Figures aside from video games and online gaming,. Lego had made every character mold into their pieces by theme, by age, by category and by catalog .

Mini-movie version of Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars can also be seen from the Lego website . Autism in the community was supported by Lego and Lucas Arts from these merchandises.

For the benefit of The National Autistic Society, Lego employees in the UK employees produced the Clone Trooper army in just six and a half hours.