The joy in having Lego star wars sets .

Star Wars has been one of the famous in licensed Lego categories in the past . This 2010, there are two sets released from the Lego star wars taking the prequel and original trilogies also the Clone Wars TV series .

In the last quarter of 2010, Lego has released their final set of Lego Star Wars Sets . The midi scale version of Imperial Star Destroyer is what consists of the first set of the final wave.

8099 series is similar from the last scale while 7778 arrangement is way too small for minifigures but are large enough to be considered as mini set . And from this where midi-scale comes in .

To have a good idea of these Lego star wars set, the set 8039 is a model pioneer that is prominently featured in the opening moments of Star Wars: A New Hope . The third episode, Revenge Of the Sith also makes use of the same series in their prologue.

The Lego Venator from Lego star wars sets is not a minifigure itself but has a good job in duplicating the style of the ship . It has a room for you to lift the handle to avoid deformation when you lift it.

The second release from the Lego star wars sets has been adored by star wars fans because of the mini figure scale release of the infamous imperial walker from the Empire strikes back .

The adaptation of battery pack for the current releases has made the miniature models to walk.

The large scale of Ultimate Collector Series version from the stylish Imperial Suite was presented by Lego star wars sets from the mini and midi scales.

A particular Lego star wars sets comes with over 2500 pieces and, as a major bonus, the minifigures of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, a shuttle pilot, stormtrooper and Imperial Officer .

The variations between Lego star wars sets is a combination of wonderful redesigns, new characters association and from the long-standing supports is sure to make waves regardless of the price .