How to play Lego star wars

For you and your kids to play Lego star wars, there are already a lot of ways . Video games, online gaming and creating your own battle force by model figurines are some of the measures to play Lego star wars .

You can play Lego star wars through story mode . Leveling up a group of rooms is the concept of Story Mode. These rooms have puzzles for you to complete in order to move up to the next level . Expert gamers need little guidance how to unlock these puzzles .

But for a beginner who wants to play Lego star wars in story mode, a lot of walkthrough guides for Lego star wars can be accessed over the net .

To each chapter completion comes with a gold brick. Freeplay are cracked from the chapters so are the characters as well .

Gamers can utilize points as well to play Lego star wars. These points are represented by Lego studs . Gold studs has 100 points and Silver has 10 points. Wherein 10,000 are for Purple and blue is for 1,000.

These points will help you reach the level of the True Jedi . The studs can be found on the ground on your way to the next challenge or when you choose to destruct a piece of scenery .

Simply tear down everything you see but for you not to shake off a stud, you should stay alive. The red heart will restore and extend your life.

You can also play Lego star wars through the collection of minikits ` . A gold brick can be accumulated from the 10 minikits from each chapter.

When you play Lego star wars, it’s not only the minikits you’ll get to collect . Upon stepping up to the next phase and saving your character’s life, gold bricks and blue canisters are there for you to have.

These are just a few concepts to play Lego star wars . Collectibles are there for your children who are still under the right age to play Lego star wars, enjoying the same character as it is in the movie or video game .