Suitable educational games for toddlers

Toddlers are very naturally curious and love to explore their environment. Their minds are similar to sponges that can easily grasp any stimuli which is why they learn fast. Before you know it, toddlers speak new words that amaze their parents. In terms of motor skills, year old toddlers are still wobbly when walking but develop balance by age three so they start running around. Upon reaching 3 years old, they express themselves in short phrases. It is important then that parents are smart when buying educational games for toddlers.

Generally,toddlers are active at playing with their parents. Nevertheless, it would be very beneficial to teach them how to socialize since toddlers can be self-centered at times. However, if a toddler is timid, educational games for toddlers can also be played alone. One of the most suited educational games for toddlers is stacking blocks since this builds fine motor skills. According to the University of Utah website that features pedineurologic exam of toddlers, stacking blocks benefits toddlers since they gradually develop their motor levels. On the average, an 18 month old can stack at least 4 blocks according to thestudy. Aside from this, beads can be transfeered in a container using hands which is a great way of building fine motor skills. Alphabet Nesting and stacking blocks are made of wood or heavy grade cardboard building blocks. They learn by recognizing the letters, identifying colors and hand eye coordination. These educational games for toddlers are good value for money for all the benefits they give to toddlers!

Coloring sheets is another superb educational games for toddlers. They can scribble, write or color sheets which are free from Internet sites like Kneebouncers or ToodleToons. An 18 month old toddler would benefit from this activity by developing his fine motor skills and coordination. Also, coloring educational games for toddlers emphasize focus on a given activity. Coloring sheets with connect the dots are best for hand eye coordination.

Educational games for toddlers shouldn’t be costly, a lot of them can also be found online for free.