Make educational games for your kids that can help them learn

If there’s one thing parents would put all their efforts in, it’s giving their children the highest quality of education possible. But even if you send your own child to an exclusive school, everyone knows the home is the first place where children learn things. So it’s crucial to teach your children the most important things in life. And when it comes to kids, they learn best through play. Of course, it’s good if you can play baseball or shoot hoops with your son and do other sports. But you give educational games a try with your children. Educational games can accomplish two things: children learn stuff and bond with family at the same time. So why not make educational games yourself? Such games are often mentioned in books and websites. You can look for game ideas and make educational games setting your own rules.

Math games

Math is one challenging subject for most kids, so it’s a sound idea to create educational games that involve counting and performing basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication as quickly as they can. Flash cards always come in handy. Games that involve counting money is also recommended. shopping with Barbie or role playing as a cashier in a supermarket. If your kids get a little older, then challenge their skills in logic by playing ‘who gets to finish a hard Sudoku set first’ or through logical problem solving using their toys as the characters.

Reading and Language

When you make educational games it’s also a great way for kids to learn reading, speaking, and spelling. A short vowel drill would be good for starters. Then you can design a contest where you give your children two beginning letters and ask them to create as many words possible using only those letters. You could also have a spelling bee or play a word game similar to scrabble. If there’s a lot of time, help build your children’s creativity by asking them to write a short play and do role playing, by doing so, you’ll hone their writing and speaking skills.