What are the Indications of a Qualified Day Care Teacher?

As a parent you go off for work and drop your child at your day care center, you want to feel confident your child’s day care teacher is qualified. As a parent you have every right to know that you are leaving your child in good and capable hands. There are different requirements for a home day care teacher compared to that of a large day care center. Here are some steps that you can take in order to determine whether or not your child’s day care teacher is qualified.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask the day care teacher directly about his of her education. Different countries, states, and regions have different requirements. But most day care teachers are required to have taken classes or units about early childhood education. If you are not comfortable asking this directly to the teacher, then you can always inquire about that with the day care administrator.

Determine whether or not the day care teacher has experience with children. A newbie teacher may have all the qualifications and requirements, but does not necessarily have the tenure of having direct experience with children. You also have to remember that good experience does not only come from employment. Good day care teachers could have come from volunteer work and most of the time these types of day care teachers are better.

Observe the day care teacher and look for indications of ease and comfort in both parties. A day care teacher should be able to relate with children with ease and the children should also show signs of being comfortable with the teacher. He or she should exhibit kindness and cool temper. It should be observed that a teacher should know how to speak with the child in a manner that is not like talking the kid down.

Many regions and countries require professionals working with children to have a background check. A professional day care teacher will not be offended if you ask them about such and it is your right to know if they have undergone such checks. Day care teachers know this is a requirement and they should not hesitate to answer if you ask them about it.

Ask if the day care teacher knows how to perform CPR or has certification in First Aid or CPR. This gives you peace of mind in case an emergency occurs.

You should also know that you may not share the same views on child care but they are still qualified to be a day care teacher. You also have to trust your instincts. The day care teacher may have all the qualifications on print, but if you feel that there is something you aren’t comfortable with about the day care teacher, then look for an alternative as much as possible.