Is There Free Child Care Training?

There are offline and online child care training courses that you can go through for, but if you are really strapped for cash and are wondering whether there are free child care training courses available, the answer is yes. Although you are going to have to go through a course to get legally certified or licensed to watch after children, when it comes to the training you can definitely get this free.

Free Child Care Training: The Internet

You can use resources, namely the Internet, to find the information that you need and get free child care training. You are going to have to learn about a few different issues in particular if you want to get free child care training, and the most important will be discussed here in a bit more detail for you.

Free Child Care Training: First Aid

If you want to get free child care training one of the most important things that you are going to have to learn about is First Aid. It is imperative that any child care provider knows how to perform First Aid when they are watching over children, in the event that something unfortunate were to happen, for instance if they were to start choking or couldn’t breathe.

Most child care providers will not even accept you as an employee unless you have your First Aid and other training.

Free Child Care Training: Rules And Regulations

Also when you are going through with your free child care training you are going to want to make sure that you learn about all the different child care provider rules and regulations. For instance, there needs to always be a certain number of adults per children. With babies it is typically 1:4, and with children aged four and older it is 1:10.

The reason for this is because it is important to make sure that there are always enough adults or supervisors for the number of children being cared for. Otherwise there is likely to be problems and children are not going to be receiving the attention and time that they deserve.

You will find as you are going through with your training that there are lots of little details you need to learn more about and take care of. Just remember that you are going to have a fantastic career afterwards, where you get to watch after children and have their joyous faces around you brightening up the day. It is well worth it to go through with the training.