Worthwhile educational games for kids

It’s perplexing how children these days put effort in studying and how they can no longer socialize with friends and family. Great thing there’s a way to combine both so they won’t have to forego their free time on tutors and removal exams. Interactive educational games are an ideal way for children to learn and enjoy at the same time. Unlike typical computer games that are often violent and addictive in an unhealthy way, interactive educational games teach children new things and develop their skills in math, phonics & reading, logic, and much more. There are many types of games available online. To be able to make the most of your quality time and your kid’s precious time, and help them learn as well, here are some interactive educational games that you can start with:

Mad Math Game – The Mad Math Game is one of the interactive educational games that can increase learning. It includes testing one’s adding, multiplying, and other basic mathematic skills. Mad Math game has various levels of difficulty for various age groups among children. This is way of when preparing for an exam.

Fill-in / Crossword puzzles – Build your children’s vocabulary through classic word games online. Unlike doing it on the newspaper, kids have real time report of scores. Fill-in puzzles are provided with initial letters that children get to use to form words. This is particularly helpful for younger kids who are still testing their spelling skills. On the contrary, crossword puzzles are suited for older kids who needs help on word meanings and synonyms.

Picture Games – Teach your children to have an eye for detail at an early age. Spot-the-difference and picture identification games are not only fun, they benefit kids by making them more focused on details. Picture games are great even for younger kids.

Mazes and Memory Games – If you wish to teach your kids how to follow the right direction it’s good to begin now. Teach them how to not get confused and find their way by playing different kinds of mazes. These too come in different styles that may be applied to kids of all ages. Memory games are also an excellent approach to train the kids how to sharpen their memory fast. Memory games are more enjoyable when pictures are used.

Why preschool educational games are beneficial

Preschool is an essential part of a child’s life since this would prepare him for the next 12 years of schooling. A study made by Hi/Scope Educational Research Foundation of Ypsilanti, Michigan placed the importance of preschool education in a person’s life. It has serious repercussions since the study revealed that at least a third of those who attended pre-school typically graduated from adult high school or had a General Education Development Certificate. Furthermore, those who had preschool education had better standards of life in their adult life. Having said all of this, preschool is really focused on acquiring the basic set of skills that every child must acquire, not just counting or reading. Here is where preschool educational games provide benefits since children’s minds are stimulated through creative work.

Preschool educational games are assistive aids for teachers since the materials can boost child’s interest and creativity. When learning is filled with fun, young learners can easily learn. Generally, preschool educational games features by recognizing letters, shapes, and numbers. Young learners expereince such by building blocks, coloring sheets, and singing songs.

Preschool educational games help enhance psychomotor skills through writing or coloring sheets. They can also play with beads that they can put through a string which develops fine motor skills. Once children’s gross and motor skills are enhanced they can be ready for cursive writing in Kinder.

Preschool educational games can teach young children socialization skills. This is naturally learned by sharing toys, role playing in fairy tales and job roles, or simply enjoying mealtime with other children. A big sandbox for building castles would make children’s imagination soar and foster creativity. Playing hide and seek as well as hopscotch can help them cooperate with others.

One important preschool educational games is story telling for many reasons. To start with, children love to share and listen to stories as well. Fairy-tales are so popular among children because the stories bring them to far-away places. Also, story-telling is a good way to acquire language skills since they can express themselves or improve their listening skills. Briefly, buying the right preschool educational games would provide leverage for your kids.

Why educational games for teachers are valuable

Educationg young minds seems to be a difficult task for teachers nowadays. There are so many distractions around them that can easily make them lose focus on homework or academic activities. For example, a child chooses to watch television rather than read history lessons. Also, consoles and PC games are often the preferred choice for recreation by students during their free time. In fact, many students are unable to do homework just to play on their Wii, PS3 or PC. Becaus of this, teachers need extra help to motivate their students. In the first place, motivation is very basic in learning so when an educator cannot motivate students properly, learning is a struggle.

An ideal approach to this dilemma would be educational games for teachers.Educators need help in creating interesting lessons so knowing different educational games for teachers is very beneficial. Usually, teachers often tell their students to read books to develop comprehension or enhance their vocabulary. However, not all students have the same neuro- linguistic programming ( NLP). Some students readily absorb information by listening or seeing pictures. Thus, online educational games for teachers can fill in the gap by showing different games that can help them learn. For example, a social studies teacher can induce learners to know countries names by making them play Hangman.

There are several online educational games for teachers which they can easily inlcude into their lesson plan. For example, a mathematics teacher can download Multiplication tables, bank check, problem solving strategies and various 3-D cube for students who have difficulty in this subject. Through interesting educational games for teachers, students would find the drills enjoyable which used to bore them.

In case a teacher needs an extra hand in teaching English as a second language, there are online educational games for teachers that are designed to sharpen vocabulary and grammar. Irregular verbs can be reviewed by arranging the words in a sentences. When it comes to Science learning, resources for educational games for teachers seem to be endless. Sites like gamequarium, kaboose and iknowthat provides entertaining yet informative games that can enhance a teacher’s lesson plan.

Truly, educational games for teachers are helpful devices that assist them in making learning more fun.

Suitable educational games for toddlers

Toddlers are very naturally curious and love to explore their environment. Their minds are similar to sponges that can easily grasp any stimuli which is why they learn fast. Before you know it, toddlers speak new words that amaze their parents. In terms of motor skills, year old toddlers are still wobbly when walking but develop balance by age three so they start running around. Upon reaching 3 years old, they express themselves in short phrases. It is important then that parents are smart when buying educational games for toddlers.

Generally,toddlers are active at playing with their parents. Nevertheless, it would be very beneficial to teach them how to socialize since toddlers can be self-centered at times. However, if a toddler is timid, educational games for toddlers can also be played alone. One of the most suited educational games for toddlers is stacking blocks since this builds fine motor skills. According to the University of Utah website that features pedineurologic exam of toddlers, stacking blocks benefits toddlers since they gradually develop their motor levels. On the average, an 18 month old can stack at least 4 blocks according to thestudy. Aside from this, beads can be transfeered in a container using hands which is a great way of building fine motor skills. Alphabet Nesting and stacking blocks are made of wood or heavy grade cardboard building blocks. They learn by recognizing the letters, identifying colors and hand eye coordination. These educational games for toddlers are good value for money for all the benefits they give to toddlers!

Coloring sheets is another superb educational games for toddlers. They can scribble, write or color sheets which are free from Internet sites like Kneebouncers or ToodleToons. An 18 month old toddler would benefit from this activity by developing his fine motor skills and coordination. Also, coloring educational games for toddlers emphasize focus on a given activity. Coloring sheets with connect the dots are best for hand eye coordination.

Educational games for toddlers shouldn’t be costly, a lot of them can also be found online for free.

Science educational games: online games that are worthwhile

Studying science is awesome particularly if teachers know how to inspire their students. To begin with, science is about knowing the natural environment and how things work. For young learners, science presents essential elements of life through biology and the wonders of the universe through astronomy. The physical and chemical make-up of matter can be understood through Chemistry and Physics. One of the advantages of technology is that tools like science educational games can assist in gaining understanding of the universe and natural environment. Students can quickly absorb information in an enjoyable environment which is why using science educational games is a good approach to inspire learners.

Thanks to the Internet, teachers can have access to online science educational games which they can include into their lesson plan. Presently, a unique curriculum requires educators to become different in their teaching approach so students can easily learn. With the many distractions posed by technology such as mobile phones, PCs, consoles and other gadgets, students do not find studying attractive. With online science educational games, learners find the interactive games exciting every time.

There are many online science educational games that can be accessed by students of various grade levels. A well-known site is iknowthat.com which has an array of online science educational games that applies theories into interactive games. One category in such science educational games is the Optics Lab which presents popular science topics like atoms, earthquakes, food chains, gravity, human body, metabolism and other interesting topics. In addition, there’s an awesome science educational game known as Laser Optics wherein students must defend the earth from ants using their knowledge of optics. This helps in relieving the boredom out of theories as one use knowledge learned in a game. There’s also Animal Universe where students can pair the animals to their natural habitats.

Another great science educational games that you can play is faces since the student can be published in a journal telling his character as an astronaut or a deep-sea diver. This gives him ample make believe roles to spark his interest in pursuing a career in science.

Indeed, science educational games are helpful tools for educators that can effectively motivate students.

Outdoor educational games that teach and inspire

Presently,children are quite inactive since they are drawn into non physical activities. The activities they would rather engage in are playing on their PCs, consoles or simply watching cable TV programs. For thsi reason, children become, sickly and awkward in social situations. They do not appreciate the value of running outdoors and feeling wind on their skin. As compared to their parents, they are more sedentary the parts of their body that just move are their hands for clicking the mouse or pressing keyboard. Certainly, this is a challenge for contemporary parents who search for methods to make their children get out of the house and have fun. As compared to yesteryears, Hopscotch and Blind Man’s Buff were favorite games of children. Way back into the 80s, children cannot wait to go out of their house to play with the kids in the neighborhood. Today, all they want is to stay in the room on front of the PCs.

An alternative approach would be suggesting outdoor educational games that parents can ask their children to try. The website familyeducation provides numerous suggesstion on outdoor educational games that children can enjoy playing. Games like stargazing, Breakfast in the Park, City Guide, Clothesline art show, Sundial, Volcano and a devleop love for the outdoors. For example, Stargazing as an outdoor educational games teaches children to observe stars which enhance interest inscience lessons on astronomy. Likewise, games like City Guide can be very informative as the child needs to research on the history of your local community. Later, the child can act a as tour guide to the parent illustrating the past. Indeed, this is one smart outdoor educational games that enhance bonding between parents and their children.

Another benefit of outdoor educational games is that they would learn how to handle social situations. Besides, they would also learn to be a good sport especially when other children cheer, tease or make fun of them. Sharing stories with playmates in outdoor educational games also enhance cultural awareness as one can make comparison and build respect for other cultures too.

Allow the kids to explore the world and enjoy outdoor educational games.

Make educational games for your kids that can help them learn

If there’s one thing parents would put all their efforts in, it’s giving their children the highest quality of education possible. But even if you send your own child to an exclusive school, everyone knows the home is the first place where children learn things. So it’s crucial to teach your children the most important things in life. And when it comes to kids, they learn best through play. Of course, it’s good if you can play baseball or shoot hoops with your son and do other sports. But you give educational games a try with your children. Educational games can accomplish two things: children learn stuff and bond with family at the same time. So why not make educational games yourself? Such games are often mentioned in books and websites. You can look for game ideas and make educational games setting your own rules.

Math games

Math is one challenging subject for most kids, so it’s a sound idea to create educational games that involve counting and performing basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication as quickly as they can. Flash cards always come in handy. Games that involve counting money is also recommended. shopping with Barbie or role playing as a cashier in a supermarket. If your kids get a little older, then challenge their skills in logic by playing ‘who gets to finish a hard Sudoku set first’ or through logical problem solving using their toys as the characters.

Reading and Language

When you make educational games it’s also a great way for kids to learn reading, speaking, and spelling. A short vowel drill would be good for starters. Then you can design a contest where you give your children two beginning letters and ask them to create as many words possible using only those letters. You could also have a spelling bee or play a word game similar to scrabble. If there’s a lot of time, help build your children’s creativity by asking them to write a short play and do role playing, by doing so, you’ll hone their writing and speaking skills.

How educational math games help teachers

Many students nowadays find themselves having difficulty with numbers as they tackle problems in worksheets given to them. Regularly, math lessons are enforced using drills so students would have solid background in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Eventually, they would need good foundation to able to tackle higher math problems. Because of this, unique approaches in teaching math such as educational math games can assist educators in stimulating love for numbers among students.

Educational math games can be helpful to learners particularly to those who dislike numbers. When students hone their math skills on educational math games, they work independently which makes them confident. Most of the time, when teachers ask students to recite their answers, those who are experiencing difficulties in solving problems are too shy to say their answers Oral recitation can be quite embarassing for students who are afraid to make mistakes in front of the class. Because of this, educational math games takes off the pressure from students by making them solve the problems alone. The educational math games puts fun in learning numbers. Thus, the student finds the math subject less daunting.

Educational math games have a lot of varities. Teachers and parents must be able to determine the appropriate level suited for a child. Typically, educational math games are categorized by grade level or group age. Parents must be aware that at a certain age, the cognitive skills of a child is fit for some math exercises that can challenge the mind. Advanced levels or too much stimulation may not be ideal since difficulty can lead to disappointment. Thus, let the child play educational math games that match his level.

Educational math games can develop analytical skills, problem solving, logical skills, and systematic thinking. Math is not just about numbers or figures but being able to establish relationships or patterns between numbers. Plus, students in an enjoyable learning environment perform well than those that dislike it. Moreover, students learn independently that boost their confidence – thanks to educational math games. Teaching math can be easy and fulfilling.

Educational games for babies : not just toys

Generally,people think that games are playthings that can simply entertain babies. While this is most true, educational games for babies are actually important in enhancing development. Usually, older children play with consoles to relieve boredom. However, the case of babies are unique since they require a lot of stimulation that provides them normal development.If babies become familiar with their environment they can become successful as they grow up. Although baby stores sell different types of games that can entertain babies, a wise parent should know first the importance of educational games for babies. Why do we have to be smart in choosing educational games for babies? Read and understand more.

Physical development. Babies hands are quite small so the ideal way to prepare them for holding objects is by giving them building blocks. Building blocks help babies develop their fine and gross motor skills by handling and holding objects. Small games like wooden blocks can be stacked to build better hand eye coordination. As baby’s motor skills build up, he may be able to support himself using utensils or prepare him for writing using crayons.

Brain development. Parents should get educational games for babies that promotes learning. There are soft books made of cloth or plastic material that babies can browse.Normally, babies books should be colorful, show shapes and sizes that can help him learn later. There are also books that have smooth and rough surfaces for baby’s tactile sense. Beads can help babies differentiate color, shapes and sizes as well.

Language acquisition. Babies have a natural skill in language acquisition although parents can play a big role in enhancing their children’s vocabulary. Besides, babies who try to talk even in baby language become more expressive later. Educational games for babies that assist them in learning to speak are stuff toys that can say utter words like Elmo talk as well as baby telephones that produce emit different sounds.

Educational games for babies play a valuable role in development so make sure you get the right ones.

Benefits derived from free online educational games

The old adage that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is true. As a matter of fact, a lot of educators agree with this saying since the brain needs rest too. Nowadays, children are exposed to many information inside and outside the classroom that can really be overwhelming. Because of this, a lot of young learners feel mentally tired after school plus a lot of homework to be done. This is a challenge to parents since children must live healthy and balanced lives. A good approach to that is playing free online educational games. Just a click of the mouse can bring hours of delight for your kids as well as learn something in a different way.

Learning must be enjoyable to motivate more learners. For this reason, different ways of teaching students must be tried to get their attention. It’s really beneficial to have access to free online educational games which can stimulate creativity, enhance learning through critical thinking and of course, make learning fun.

Free online educational games are available through funbrain website. The website offers many free online educational games that could foster learning. For example, if your kids want to refresh their grammar by focusing on plural forms, just play plural girls game where they would present singular words that you must supply with plural counterparts. It is possible to select the category depending on the child’s grade, level of difficulty and whether fill in the blanks or multiple choice. Definitely, learners would always be excited with such free online educational games.

If your child wants to tackle numbers and figures, Math Arcade is superb for this. You can select the appropriate age level so the child would not find it difficult. Although this is done in the classroom, free online educational games are more interactive and visually appealing especially to young children. Plus, the activities resemble a game so there’s no pressure at all if the learner does not get the correct answer.

Free online educational games cannot replace classroom instruction, but they can definitely make learning a more enjoyable task.