What are Breast Milk Banks?

An option that mothers turn to if they don’t have enough breast milk to feed their babies is to get it from a breast milk bank. They turn to breast milk banks if there is a sudden decrease in their milk production or if they cannot produce any milk at all. They avail of extra breast milk for their babies but they avail it with the breast milk bank because they want to make sure that they are getting healthy breast milk.

Try to produce more milk as possible before going to a breast milk bank. Turn to family and friends first, and ask if they have excess breast milk to spare. That way you can be familiar with the source of the milk and can decipher whether the milk is suitable for your child or not. If there is no source of breast milk from friends and family then go to a pediatrician. Ask the pediatrician if he or she can give you a prescription and recommend a reliable breast milk bank as well.

Once you secure a prescription, proceed to nearest breast milk bank in your area. One reason is that the shipping costs would be significantly lower if the breast milk bank is in close proximity. The second reason is that the milk can be transported from the nearest possible distance. Consult with the breast milk bank regarding their specific mode of payments and shipping procedures. Talk to them about the possibility of discounts and other promos they can offer considering you will order a large volume from them once the baby grows up.

Since the cost of buying milk from a breast milk bank increases as time goes on, you can inquire with your health insurance if it is included in your policy if they will cover all or a portion of the cost of breast milk. Other insurance companies have this kind of provision in their policies.

Make sure there is adequate space in the freezer when you purchase from a breast milk bank. The milk cannot be refreeze again once it thawed so immediately place the milk in the freezer when you receive the shipment. Talk to breast milk banks if they can send it with dry ice, or make sure that the package is sealed for freshness and longer shelf life.