Ways to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Nursing moms face the problem of shortening supply of breast milk. They have to reduce their feeding with their babies yet they still want to keep on breastfeeding. There are many ways to reestablish and increase breast milk supply even after a long break from nursing, or if the mother notices that her milk production is not as much as it once was. Just like in economics, breastfeeding is just a matter of supply and demand and you have to find the proper technique to be comfortable with to fulfill your requirements. There is a direct proportion in the time spends breastfeeding or pumping milk and increasing breast milk supply. Here are the following tips in order to increasing breast milk supply when feeding or pumping.

Tip#1: If pumping, do it more frequently rather than doing it for longer periods. The chances of increasing breast milk are high because the brain will keep on signaling the mammary glands to keep on producing milk due to necessity. This process will be effective if done frequently, let’s say three or four times a day in short periods instead of one or two long periods. Pumping both breasts at the same time will give you the optimum and desired effect. More importantly do not skip a session because this may hinder you to increase breast milk supply.

Place importance in letting your child suckle for milk because this constant bonding plays a major role in increasing breast milk supply. Nursing can be achieved on weekends, or days off or holidays where work does not impede on the bonding sessions. Now, if there are circumstances when you can’t breastfeed your baby directly, you can try viewing a photo of your baby while pumping.

The third step is always to be cautious. The peril of smoking is well documented especially on babies and toddlers. You will not achieve your goal of increasing breast milk supply if you would smoke and the sad part is that the flavor of the milk will change due to nicotine. Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of fluids, such as juice, water, and milk will keep you hydrated that contributes to milk production.

You should be committed to these guidelines if your goal of increasing breast milk supply for your baby. Your efforts will affect your breast milk production. A lactation professional or your physician should be consulted if you have trouble producing milk.