Warming Breast Milk: Is it Necessary?

Warming breast milk is very important in childcare that is why mothers should always concentrate when they are doing this process. If breast milk is not heated properly, it may lose some of its nutritive properties. At times, mothers think that it is convenient to just heat the milk by using a microwave or a stove when in fact they never realize that by doing so, they are removing some of the milk’s health benefits. There is a reliable way of warming breast milk and preserving the baby’s source of nutrients.

The initial thing to do is to look for a bowl made of glass or metal and fill it halfway with water. Get the breast milk container or storage bag and place it halfway into the water. Let the container stay there for a while until the water is warmed. Keep on adding warm water if the breast milk hasn’t thawed yet. Once the desired temperature is achieved, then remove the container from the bowl. Use a paper towel or dry cloth wipe the moistness from the bottle. Pour some of the contents to a spoon and test the breast milk before transferring it to the bottle. Continue warming the breast milk if you drop some milk inside your wrist and you find it not hot enough. If the milk exceeds the required temperature, just simply leave the bottle for a few minutes and test it again later. Do this over and over until you get the right temperature. Make sure to test always for the temperature.

Warming breast milk is essential in feeding the baby. The temperature of the milk that is being given out by the body should be the same when warming breast milk. The temperature of breast milk is just right for the baby but if you have excess of it, then it should be stored in a cooled place. The temperature should be accurate or precise to the temperature when the milk is nursed. As the babies grow old, they can be weaned from warm milk to cold milk when they drink out of a cup.

Preferably use glass when storing breast milk. So one would not have a hard time when warming breast milk.