How to Increase Breast Milk Production?

Nursing mothers always worry if their babies will have an ample supply of food in case there is a sudden decrease of breast milk production. There is a lingering feeling of worry that once their breast milk production goes down, they have to switch to bottled formula to supplement their babies’ food intake. Well the first step of increasing breast milk production is to ease those worries away since there are several and simple ways to boost breast milk production as soon as possible.

An easy way to increase breast milk production is to let the baby keep on feeding every time he or she wants to. They should be able to suckle all they want. When they frequently breast feed, the body will receive the message and the brains in turn would instruct the mammary glands to keep on producing milk.

Drink a lot of liquids so there would be enough breast milk production. You should replace the amount of liquids that the baby consumes from you by drinking the same amount or more. There should be adequate protein and fat in your diet. You should be aware of your weight because if there is a sudden decrease, it may lead to a decline in breast milk production.

Rests as much as possible, even if you cannot sleep, try to be relaxed and calm. The feeling of ease and peace of mind helps in increasing breast milk production. There is an increase in Oxytocin production if you can bond with the baby by holding him or her while he or she is sleeping.

Try offering both breasts during feeding. Let the baby find nourishment in one breast until he or she slows down before switching to another breast. Proper latch is important so that the baby can feed properly and in turn, it also helps in increasing breast milk production. Beyond the nipple and right on the areola part, the baby’s lip should be latched there.

In between feedings, use a breast pump for five to 10 minutes on each breast for stimulation and increase breast milk production. The objective of this exercise is to stimulate the organs to increase breast milk production.

Finally if you need additional assistance, contact a lactation specialist so they can help you with proper latching and feeding patterns.