Freezing Breast Milk: Storing for Future Use

A lot of people attribute superlative achievements and strengths to superheroes yet being a super mom garners the same qualities. Though raising kids requires a lot of time, generating financial security is also a priority. Fear not, especially if you are a working mom and need to nurse your baby because the solution is freezing your breast milk.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to freezing breast milk, from convenience to healthy solutions. Here are some guidelines on how to freeze and defrost breast milk.

There are different containers available to keep breast milk. But it is best to get a specially designed plastic bags or bottles for freezing breast milk. You should use the right container because utilizing a wrong one may lead to the milk’s expansion when it freezes.

Seal the plastic or the zip lock with a masking tape when using plastic bags for freezing. A larger bag should be used to prevent punctures. There are manufacturers of breast milk bags who produce a bag with easy sealing and thick bags. The bags should be labeled properly regarding the date of extraction and the amount of milk contained before the milk should be placed.

It is a possibility that you can combine previously extracted milk with the current fresh stock you have. However you should allow the expressed milk to solidify before adding it with other frozen milk. Another condition is that the new milk should be less than the previous extracted milk. Breast milk’s shelf life is prolonged if you know the concepts of freezing breast milk. Milk can now be stored for about a year if you have a -20 degree Celsius freezer and half that time on a regular freezer. Now, defrosting milk may seem like a tedious task but its really not. It is ready to be placed in a feeding bottle after it is thawed out by warm water. Defrosted milk may be kept for as long as 24 hours in the refrigerator. Though it would be better to give it to the baby as soon as possible after thawing.