Choosing the Best Breast Milk Storage Containers

A lot of people often inquire what are the right breast milk storage containers. There is a wide selection of breast milk storage containers to pick from. This is an important matter to consider since this is where excess milk can be placed and used for future feedings in case the mother is away or unavailable to nurse the infant. The glass bottles, plastic containers, breast milk ice trays and storage bags made up of the wide selection of containers that one can choose from.

Before putting milk on the preferred breast milk storage container, it should always be thoroughly cleaned. Breast milk storage containers should be washed with soapy water and rinsed well. Always label the containers with the date of the breast milk and always use the oldest breast milk first.

The preferred choice of mothers as the best milk storage container is the glass bottle. They prefer glass because it retains most of the nutritive contents of the milk. There are people who prefer other breast milk storage containers because they think using glass is impractical and inconvenient.

Plastic breast milk storage containers are also recommended as great breast milk storage device. When using this type of container, it must only have one tight sealing lid. Users of plastic breast milk storage containers point out the practicality and the durability of this product. It is suggested that only minimal amounts should be stored in plastic containers because once the breast milk is thawed it can be refreeze. If there is excess milk, then unfortunately it would be discarded and considered as a waste. Precious resource would be wasted.

Saving precious resource is why people turn to breast milk storage trays. You can store the breast milk in smaller quantities. They can be purchased as packs of two with spaces for one ounce of milk at a time. They are also toxic free; they don’t contain any materials that are hazardous to the baby. The only disadvantage of this breast milk storage counter is you cannot determine which is the older cube.

Finally, look for the breast milk storage container that is not heavy on the pocket and is very suitable for your situation.