Business Opportunities With Breast Milk

When you have intentions of selling breast milk, think of the multitudes of people that you can aid. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, think of the commissions or profit that middlemen would make by selling breast milk. You can help mother who don’t have the capability to nurse their infants or you can also help abandoned infants or babies who tragically have no mothers, access to healthy and nutritious milk. Breast milk is a precious commodity and only a few has access to it so why waste it by throwing it down the drain. Donation may be an alternative but if you can make a few money out of it, then why not sell it?. Just check on the following information on how to sell your breast milk.

The first step in selling breast milk is having gainful knowledge of your medical history. When your customers ask for this you should be ready to share it and add also information on your lifestyle? Are you a heavy drinker or do you drink once in a while? Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars, or worse drugs? Do you have any allergic reactions? Do you exercise and at the same time supplement this with multi vitamins? Be sure to give accurate information so you can be considered to be a reliable breast milk source.

The second step is saving your excess breast milk. You should place them in airtight containers or storage bags and then keep it in cool place for a longer shelf life. Put them into bags equally, measure them and put them into double bags, and then label the important information like the date when the milk is nursed, and the measurement. Then put the milk in the freezer.

Looking for buyers of your breast milk would be the next advisable step. You can advertise you are selling breast milk in websites or you can look for buyers through search engines. You can be negotiable as the price ranges from $5 to $10 dollars per ounce.

You can also tinker with the prices by adding your medical history as a premium or offer huge discounts if they order in large quantities. It is up to you on how to price the milk.

The final step of selling your breast milk would be payment and shipping. There are a lot of options but it is advisable to have a pay pal account or a money order transfer. Once payment is paid, then you can pack it in a disposable cooler and send it to via overnight mail or tell the shipping company it’s an express delivery. The shipping expenses should be shouldered by the customers and you can also charge extra if you include dry ice.