Fun Baby Sitting Activities for Baby Sitters and Children

Baby sitting is not just about making sure that all the children are safe and sound by the time the parents return. Baby sitters should remember that they should also do everything that they can to ensure that the kids that they are baby sitting enjoy their company. This way, the children will be able to give a positive feedback to their parents thus making the reputation of the baby sitter ten times better. The best way to do this is by hosting different baby sitting activities that children love. Here are some of them.

When dealing with babies, baby sitters should often change the scenery. They could make them sit on a sit up ring and then play with them inside the playpen after. This ensures that the babies won’t get bored easily.

If they’re not exactly babies any more, baby sitters should consider more interactive baby sitting activities. These include dancing and singing. When it comes to singing, they should only sing educational songs that are meant for children. Although pop songs are catchy and can easily be sung, their parents might not like it so baby sitters should be on the safe side. When it comes to dancing on the other hand, baby sitters should never take their eyes off the children to avoid any injuries.

Toddlers are very energetic which is why baby sitters should be able to keep up. They should introduce problem solving games such as shape sorters. This way, toddlers will be preoccupied and they will not think of playing around too much. They also have incredibly short attention span. This is why baby sitters should be prepared with a lot of activities so that they won’t run out of something to do.

If the children are already going to school, consider dancing and singing to nursery rhymes as much as they want to. Baby sitters should also bring nursery rhymes of their own so that it will quench the thirst of older kids to learn something new. It will keep the children interested and focused.