Baby Sitting Safety: What All Baby Sitters Should Know

The fundamental principle of baby sitting is keeping the kids safe until the parents get back. This is why baby sitters should take all the necessary steps in order to ensure that the kids are safe and sound no matter how hard and troublesome these steps may be. Here are some baby sitting safety guidelines.

Baby sitters should first make sure that intruders won’t get in the house in any way. This is why they should make sure that all windows are closed properly and all the doors are locked. They should double check them once the parents are gone. However in doing so, they should also develop an escape plan if something goes wring inside the house which may require them to move out quickly.

The areas that are accessible to the kids should be child proof. Baby sitters should not just leave this job to the parents and just make do with the child safety equipments that they already have. Good baby sitters always know that they should bring things that can child proof the home which they could also remove once the parents have returned.

The most important thing that baby sitters should remember about baby sitting safety is to never take their eyes off the kids. Kids are unpredictable and they hyperactivity can make them think and act fast.

When it comes to playing, baby sitters should keep bite sized toys out of the kids’ sight. They should not even see them because if they do, they might end up wanting to play with it. The same rules apply to toys that have pointed sides and those toys that have strings and cords that may cause choking. This is actually one of the cornerstones of baby sitting safety since playing is a very huge aspect in a kid’s life.

Another cornerstone of baby sitting safety is keeping all hazardous, poisonous, flammable and irritating chemicals away from the kids’ reach and not just simply tell them not to touch it. A good baby sitter should take it upon himself to put those chemicals away accordingly if the parents haven’t already done it.